Our Incubator

As a competitiveness cluster, Terra Citta hosts, guides and validates business projects in the making, from ideas to the market. Our innovative projects incubator exists to gather projects with a careful assessment of their viability in every step of their development. It also works to ensure the best achievable coherence between these projects. Our incubator will consider projects from :


Close partnerships between the Idanha-a-Nova university and Terra Citta allow students to work on issues related to production strategies, refining, cultivation and promotion of products throughout their entire curriculum.


Such an experience lets ideas emerge through fruitful collaboration under the watchful eye of an innovative projects incubator, from feasibility studies to the market.


Professionals with a concrete project that aligns with the global development strategy of Terra Citta will see their ideas studied by a control committee after a preliminary validation of their application.


Requirements for their projects include a strongly innovative concept and enough financing capabilities to cover for part of the R&D expenses. Once your project is validated, Terra Citta will be able to provide additional funds to support the new business through its integration as a branch of our organization.


The various on-site activities and the Naturtejo Geopark as a whole offer countless ways of contributing and researching various fields such as :


Chemistry - the transformation processes that are being developed in Terra Citta are primarily the result of research. Each and every time we improve existing techniques or develop new ones, we make another step further toward the recognition of the benefits of organic agriculture.


Geology and natural sciences - Naturtejo represents more than 600 million years of geological evolution to be studied. It also hosts a profusion of natural sites bursting with a quite unique amount of intact biodiversity.