Eco Slow Life

Earth and Civilization are nourishing each other

Eco Slow Life is a concept that expresses deep convictions. It is about getting back to a lifestyle that is more in touch with the cycles of nature, within which bio-agriculture stands as a pillar for sustainable development. We value authentic and intact products. We watch their growth and respect their fragility. Then, we research innovative ways to create products that are 100% natural. Beyond obvious benefits for health and the environment such a philosophy has to offer, our will is to make it become a genuine driving force for creativity and sharing.


We live together in a simple and respectful environment, as away as possible from superfluous matters, where each and every action we take implies creation or mutual assistance. We give birth to products with meaning, from the seed to the gift. For all these reasons, Terra Citta works in favor of the awareness of the intimate relationship that links human beings and our planet, whose lands offer us a significant amount of possibilities.

Birth of our concept

On March 11th, 2011, about 1,700 farmers from Fukushima remained homeless and jobless since a nuclear power plant was struck by an earthquake-triggered tsunami. An event that prevented them from selling northern Japanese agricultural products on international markets. Initially, we wanted to help the farmers of Fukushima settling along the Tagus River and benefit from an incredibly fertile soil to produce Japanese vegetables and integrate the European market. In order to do this, agricultural lands and farms were provided to Japanese farmers by the city hall of Idanha-a-Nova, which is situated within the Naturtejo Geopark in Portugal.

Acclimatize Japanese seeds in Portugal

Terra Citta is a name that describes the relationship between Earth and Civilization and how they nourish each other. The project brings together the Japanese and Portuguese cultures in order to develop and strengthen agricultural biodiversity. It is therefore a unique crossroads for nature lovers and designers who seek new inspiration. Talented people and knowledge meet new ecology-oriented technologies to create innovative products. Our aim is to re-think consumption habits while promoting the profound link with Earth when it comes to human exploitation of soil resources.

Benefits for all

Coming to Terra Citta with an entrepreneurial spirit gives you the opportunity to work with unique products from which an infinity of ideas and projects can arise. We have the capacity to make them happen and to promote them worldwide.